Everything is already alright

A yoga instructor started us off with this thought the other day, and the phrase has stuck with me. How often do we believe that happiness is just around the corner – you know, with the perfect job, the great house, the right mate, the fit body. I know I’ve lived this way for longer than I care to admit.

What if we began each day with this simple thought: “Everything is already alright.”  Our lives are currently great, if we will only consider what’s going well NOW. Good friends, loving family, fresh air, delicious food (glorious food), daily sunrises and sunsets. What’s on your list?

Happiness is here for us – right now. When we rue a less-than-stellar past or pine for a brighter future, we miss everything around us in the here and now. Mindfulness is everything. When we focus on the present, the sweetness of the moment can fill us with the serenity we long for. No need to wait.

Life is already OK – rest in this knowledge, and be still.